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1907 Varner St, Summerville, South Carolina


Massage Therapy


Focused Pain Relief- 30 Minute

·. Price:$65

Reflexology- 60 Minute

. Price:$90

Energy Healing/Reiki


Energy Healing - 60 Minute

·. Price:$100

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43 reviews
  • Rosemarie Marcus·

    absolutely wonderful, as usual!

  • Jenn·

    Started seeing Ty after PT wasn’t working and looking for relief. She has helped me with tight muscles. I will say it isn’t always the most relaxing hour for me but the lasting benefits are so worth it. She has a passion to help find you relief. Best in the area!

  • Britney·

    The best massage I've ever had. And I've had a lot. Ty is the first to really target the pain I've experienced and I can finally say I have some relief. She truly knows what she is doing and even sends me home with suggestions to do on my own. Forever grateful I found her!

  • Rhonda Burden·

    It is such a pleasure to get a massage from Tyler. You definitely want to go to bed afterwards. It feels amazing while getting the massage and you fel even more amazing afterwards. The young lady knows what she's doing and she's very experienced. I love her massages and will continue to be a client.

  • Rosemarie Marcus·

    Once again, I feel great. I was diagnosed with costochondritis which causes much pain in the rib cage and radiates to my back and arms, jaw and even my teeth!!!! Ty did such a wonderful job addressing all of these areas, I could not believe how great her help is, her knowledge, caring, gentleness and all over manner is so soothing to me. I cannot wait for my next appointment. Love you Ty!!!!!!!

  • Michael Furman·

    I suffer from hip pain, and I don't stretch. Tyler was the best. She was very professional and she knew what she was doing. I actually left with minimal pain than before arrival. I'm very satisfied with her knowledge and expertise on helping with pain management. I am a customer for life. Thank you so much 💐

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